A Toyota Rav 4 after the 2015 … To cope with the city

A TOYOTA RAV FOUR AFTER THE 2015  ... new cars asia


A TOYOTA RAV FOUR AFTER THE 2015  ... new cars asia

achieved Toyota much success with 4WD vehicles provided by, but the problem remains that the vehicles are large in size with high price does not suit many families looking for a car to make them feel secure, and the proportionality of the move inside the city, which charged Toyota Thinking Outside the Box, becoming the most appropriate of the cities.

In 1994, launched the first generation of the RAF Four after the first cross over integrated in the world, a step it had a guaranteed success in the first generation, being a car progress unless there before, but increased the difficulty of the task, the Toyota became in need to face a large group of hire more integrated broke into the yard of competition, and now the task is more than just coping with the city.

As competition for the Summit, decided to Toyota Rav immediately after that follow the original route to its success, with more features, without venturing might lose this position it occupied the top of the lists of sales.

The new generation offers greater dimensions than usual, up 205 mm in length, and with 30 nations, with the reduction in the vehicle height 25 united over the previous generation, which makes the vehicle more than the spaciousness of the stronger seems to be personal, with more appropriate streamlined the city roads and highways.

It brings together in its lines between modern simplicity, where the lamps are large in size which interfere with lines ventilation network is divided into two halves, interposing them Toyota logo, Front large in size which gives you a sense of security and power, in addition to the fog lamps are large in size and skirtings ring dynamic that are provided, and make them familiar to many.

A TOYOTA RAV FOUR AFTER THE 2015  ... new cars asia

And the headlights distinctive lighting can draw attention easily, especially in the light of day-LED, which gives the RAF once more excellence.

It is the highest arches and front wheels of eminent persons, based on the median line to the sides of the vehicle, where doors classic design, the side mirrors the dynamic design which penetrate softly air and reduce wind noise as much as possible, in addition to the areas of distinctive glass design, which left behind by the spacious solarium.

Solarium gathered RAF once between luxurious comfort and welfare facilities, all of central design for the cabin, starts from the wheel of the Tripartite Command with the Numeric buttons to control the vehicle functions for maintaining the focus of the driver, through relevant lobbyists sharp lines complex emergencies.

The Arabic Instrument Panel feels by force outlined, lighting examined carefully, in addition to the buttons and carefully place in central console, especially control tools in the air conditioner to supreme, easy access through the leadership, and lower storage bin in front of the stick of transmission, which draw your attention to the large amount of the process enjoyed by limited RAF Four.