Audit of the BMW X6 2015

Audit of the BMW X6 2015 … Maintaining the lead

AUDIT OF THE BMW X6 2015  ... new cars asia AUDIT OF THE BMW X6 2015  ... new cars asia

car used to multi-sports tasks to compete on several aspects, including performance, size, offensive design, as well as the interiors and practical, remained the same until the BMW decided to break this framework boring or multiple car tasks Coppet, or in later turned to the category of entirely new known car adventure sports Coupe cars.

Because BMW X6 was the first car to this concept, it received the first generation of the overwhelmingly successful, charged competitors to catch up in sales, and the payment of BMW to develop her car and more innovation, as well as raising the level of performance to cope with the vehicle the identity of the company and the design characteristics of the category of so as not to deviate from what demarcated by the X6 with the first generation.

AUDIT OF THE BMW X6 2015  ... new cars asia

At first glance, would appear to you the new generation of BMW X6 as an improved version of the previous generation, known BMW cars, as well as main lines for X6 made the task of the designers of the company is more difficult than can be.

hallmarks of BMW in provided all words that describes the design, especially with the new touches headlamps, which became more offensive unit, personal increased X6 in severity. Also extend muscles twisted design on the front cover of the engine, prominent front abroad, which includes a large number of the ventilation slots to confirm identity sports.

In the rear fascia starts magic, slip quickly edge loading door eminent persons became familiar many in the second generation of the X6, especially with the new lamps, dominated by the red color and occupy scene from both sides of the vehicle even near the middle of the liftgate. It is the bottom of the headlights come to underestimate the prominent rear, and more optical, exhaust pipes on the two sides of Qatar, as well as air conditioning fan heatsink simple in design in the middle.

Being a car coupe gym, did not prevent the BMW X6 provide a high level of comfort and luxury, size and interior in the new generation, new vehicle raised and tar finishing quality to the level of the fabulous, and improved the driving experience ride markedly, all previous comments it a car boring in leadership.

On the side of the design, might have attacked this Bavarian design for years, but still from the point of view of the BMW practical and suitable enough to keep with some minor amendments, both the steering wheel triple arms, and the instrument panel with the display of the system iDrive measuring 10.2 inch gathered many of the functions of the vehicle, and even central console simple in design which gives you all the tools where you need it.

The compartment comes with leather high-quality, with vaccines from aluminum and wood processor, and several other options.

Carrying BMW X6 assumed the need to provide the experience of the leadership does not match, which charged BMW to provide two options of engines with it, each of them independent personality, and the experience of different leadership.