BMW car i8 2015

BMW car i8 2015 …. The future of smart Driving

BMW car i8 2015 .... The future of smart DrivingBMW car i8 2015 .... The future of smart Driving

If you believe that the World of Cars lacks the right technology industry electric cars, you are wrong. The problem facing the car makers industry is the electric cars for an enjoyable stay, and insufficient to suit the daily use.

Previous tests in the category of hybrid cars  ended in most cases car boring does not know the fun, which kept the internal combustion engines to the Summit, and summoned the intervention of experts fun fun of leadership is the Bavarian bloodshed. BMW tone i8 that the right of expression SUV is the first hybrid, which evolved from the securities until the fact block this requirement, create damaged between performance lovers hybrid cars.

BMW car i8 2015 .... The future of smart Driving

We saw a lot of the vehicles tried to maintain the design lines pilot phase until reaching the solved productivity, but that any of such cars did not fulfill promises as BMW i8, not only because the vehicle was not revolutionary enough, but on the contrary, many believed until today that the reason of the big fame for i8 is designed not being a sports car hybrid.

Your vehicle provide seamless design complex making it one of the most cars in the ability to easily, streamlined rate 0.26, a low rate help reduce energy consumption rates and fuel. Thanks so much of cruise missiles to the aerodynamic design which starts from the Popular Front for BMW fully closed to achieve more cruise missiles, as well as redundancies front and side which directs air where you need the vehicle, especially fin ceiling which extends for the two sides to push the air between brackets rear wheels smoothly, and the bottom covered fully air quickly pass administration-drafted legislation under the vehicle smoothly.

Start of lines for the two sides seamlessly to pass the side mirrors and a gym and design, as well as the doors which open up a mature, lower would hurry to allow conditioned return to the bottom of the vehicle, with arches and rear wheels of eminent persons, which correspond to the roof line which appears to be categorised as figurines with falling on the rear fascia, complemented by rear lights in the form of U, with the slogan of BMW complete the picture he adds more offensive.

Come limited BMW i8 to cope with the same level of RUF by vehicle externally, as if it were a copy of the future of the compartments of the cars of the company in the future. Refuting energetic as but with a more modern and innovation, in particular the central console the stick and the transmission control indicator in the iDrive system, even further the system display measuring 8.8-inch touch screen.