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Toyota Corolla car

Toyota Corolla car 2014 … 40 Million success story hour 10 generations, Toyota Corolla to the title of the vehicle bestseller in history, with sales did not preceded by a car before, submitted by 40 million copies of them around the world, accounting for 40 million success story, wandering the world since 1966 to bring

Toyota Camri 2015

A Toyota Camri 2015 .. Ascend the summit reaffirmed for years remained the rules of the game fixed, competition remained tends to any of the poles and sometimes due to the other at other times, but one of them decided to move stagnant water, and puts new rules was not known to the players before,

A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2015

A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2015 … 60 years of achieving legends for over 60 years, the Toyota Land Cruiser defy nature determinants, and adventure to new limits had not been preceded by many cars, so it became the name of the Land Cruiser is a measure of the efficiency of cars outside the roads

Toyota Hilux 2015 car

A Toyota Hilux 2015 car… Icon Of impossible tasks depends a lot of cars service reputation in the markets and circulating of praise on the tongue of its users all the time, Podhoretz’s idea of it as the difficult tasks, and confirm that it is the best among competitors. But to maintain this praise for

A Toyota Land Cruiser 2015

A Toyota Land Cruiser 2015 … More than looking for It   if you are looking for a new car, there is a set of requirements should be reviewed carefully codify to make sure that the vehicle which intends to purchase can meet those requirements. According to the daily routine, undertake which requests many years


A Toyota car Avalon 2015 … Industry New icon Start successful vehicles generation after another, some of these generations more than most of the other, and future generations that are made of those vehicles icons of Khaleda, keep car lovers for long years, and the basic rules of the evolution of the category. Since 1994,


A Toyota Rav 4 after the 2015 … To cope with the city   achieved Toyota much success with 4WD vehicles provided by, but the problem remains that the vehicles are large in size with high price does not suit many families looking for a car to make them feel secure, and the proportionality of the

Toyota Yaris 2015

Toyota Yaris 2015 … Easy choice may contain sedan category Messrs. integrated a lot of choices, but that the choice of the appropriate vehicle in that category is the choice of easy, what customers need in that category is simple and functional, a car can accommodate up to 4 adults or a small family, and

Toyota Hilux 2016

  Toyota Hilux 2016 … The durability of the eighth generation since the initial launch in 1968, Toyota Hilux tops category, as one of the most successful and more trucks sellers around the world, where exceeded the barrier of the 16 million trucks operating in 180 countries around the world, a stunning, tells you the