Mercedes Benz CLS 2015

Mercedes Benz CLS 2015 … A full decade of uniqueness

Mercedes Benz CLS 2015 new cars asia


Mercedes Benz CLS 2015 new cars asia

10 years since the first moment we heard the car means cope quad doors, during this period there were a lot of cars which followed this new category, emerged from this category more similar categories, including Kobe quad-core Integrated doors, cars and multi-task Coppet, but that any of such cars did not reach reached him CLS.

Mercedes Benz CLS came to this world to put the new standards of uniqueness, revolutionary, not only in the term Coppet, but in everything, starting from the concept of Messrs. Deluxe, through the luxurious design and sports large size, and even the development of the personality of the vehicle during per generation

includes any talk of an improved version of a quick overview of what is new, and evaluation of the company of the effort to renew the blood of the vehicle, and whether those updates could already the vehicle is placed in a position of strength to their competitors, CLS possess the right amount of superiority and even sung for all that, it spoke of itself as a revolutionary, not because they are looking for more competitiveness.

Mercedes Benz CLS 2015 new cars asia

Side of the lighting, obtained CLS lighting full of the leds are standard on all models, with major lamps multiple light with the LED MULTIBEAM technology to the Illuminated LED the development according to the driving conditions the road and cars around you automatically to give you a great level of vision throughout time without harassment of others.

Professional societies CLS mix between sports and luxury in her and continue the vehicle in this much with professionalism with further improvements, which included the raw materials of high quality, and some amendments on the side of the design that increase the vehicle modern, as well as the new facilities and others which have become standard.

A typical system of the new information the measurement of 8 inches, which have become standard, central console and elegant includes deluxe rooms, as well as the steering wheel triple the levers of wood vaccinations, timber, high-quality color painted booth along the dashboard, also that makes you feel the extent of His Excellency the vehicle. Also large leather deluxe salient sewing, which support the bodies of passengers during long leadership, with heating and ventilation integrated in these seats, estimated large spaciousness inside CLS despite being a car Coppet, all this reinforces the vehicle personality and makes them deserve carrying the tripartite star so ably.