Mercedes Benz G-Class 2015

Mercedes Benz G-Class 2015 … History, always wins



over 35 years on the launch of the first generation of Mercedes Benz G-Class, which continued in the competition from 1979 to 1990, then got a great amendment in construction engineering and appeared the second generation, if the expression is right, which is still in the competition until today.

Exactly as I read ambitions, G-Class that we know today are only a few copies of improved second generation, who is still in the continued competition since 1990, specifically 7 copies, the last in 2012, namely the version that will talk about.

Speaking of everyone in the world of cars on the modern revolutionary innovation, and we consider it the only way for success, but that some cars proved the contrary, including G-Class that managed once the improvements on the side of the engine and facilities to double its sales and success, even without launches new generation cost the company millions of dollars.


The last amendment obtained by the vehicle includes redesigned fully, with the new counters, the display screen information new colorful, in addition to the air conditioning, all without losing the G-Class personality strong indigenous, which still appear on the exterior design.

Your vehicle is still retains its offensive facade and airy large Mercedes logo, in addition to the revolving lights, turn signals, higher large arches wheels, as well as to underestimate the prominent front, the lighting day led that add to the interface some modern.

The two sides you can note arches and large tires, large doors of a military nature side would hurry to help ride on board the cabin, as well as design absorbs torsional vehicle almost free from a circular lines. The rear interface for G-Class of design lines, but of the classic lamps below the sides of the vehicle, and spare the huge tops view star carries Mercedes.

Available G-Class locally in a single copy, most version of the ability to speak the language of force and reached you the full sense of the experience of the G-Class.

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