Mercedes Benz GL 500 4MATIC

Mercedes Benz GL 500 4MATIC … Adventure on the road

Mercedes Benz GL 500 4MATIC ...  New Cars Asia

Mercedes Benz GL 500 4MATIC ...  New Cars Asia

each and every one of us has his own preferences, some in his adventures Looking for fun and excitement at the edge of the high above the world, some brings several fishing and proceed to the heart of the ocean in the search for a surprise in each time restores the bait, some loves adventure on the road to the stars, where you can pick up one of the Mercedes – Benz proceed to the place did not reach one before.

Unique&  strong heart unable to you by force, Mercedes Benz G 500 4MATIC accounting for the perfect choice for your vehicle adventure large deluxe cabin, which sets the command between your hands, and gives you all the factors assistance to achieve what it wants all security, manageability

despite being a multi-tasks are large in size, but the Mercedes – Benz GL 500 4MATIC received the personality of the German stars Deluxe, she said much of the force and sports and adventurous spirit, which made them an integrated car, not only can do, but also in their design and visibility.

Mercedes Benz GL 500 4MATIC ...  New Cars Asia

Withering of the ventilation network front divided to three departments and the slogan of Mercedes – Benz in the center, through the main lamps exquisite in design, which includes LED lighting end cameras severe lighting clarity, even the front design sports which includes more of the ventilation holes, with the protection of the Front in silver polished, lights, the working day led to the installed in parts of glossy on both sides, all offers you a combination of modern and hard to beat.

If you are looking for more sports Benz GL 500 4MATIC Baqah available sports AMG retardation – which gives the vehicle more private facilities, have been known mineral AMG measuring 21-inch five arms, braking carrying the word Mercedes Benz, would hurry side of the illustrious aluminum carrying pieces of rubber bullets to prevent a slide back into the passengers when boarding, front and rear driveshafts most gym, with the holes on the expulsion of bilateral exhaust large.