Mercedes S-CLASS 2017

Mercedes S-Class 2017 . The first open Mercedes deluxe quad seats since 44 year

S-CLASS 2017 ... new cars asia S-CLASS 2017 ... new cars asia

each and every one of us has his own preferences, some in his adventures Looking for fun and excitement at the edge of the high above the world, some brings several fishing and proceed to the heart of the ocean in the search for a surprise in each time restores the bait, some loves adventure on the road to the stars, where you can pick up one of the Mercedes – Benz proceed to the place did not reach one before.

Finally Mercedes highlighted the light official in sixth version of a series of family issues S-Class, S-Class, the vehicle is scheduled to be presented in Frankfurt International parking. It is considered the first open car Deluxe Four seats of Mercedes since 1971, which is considered the best roadster comfortable in the world.

Can be equipped with an automatic protection from the wind called Aircap with armrests microwaveable and chairs the same feature smart control system and in climate change Airscarf system to heat the neck. It also confirmed that a Mercedes car very hard, comes the floor of the rear of the vehicle from the aluminum ingots, reducing the weight of the vehicle compared to Coupe version. The Mercedes were interested in the rear part of the belongings, as the roof of the vehicle when it opens, it folds in the part of the rear swing gate, which means that the driver of the vehicle is no longer needs to stop for the lifting of the Trunk manually, either when the sunroof increases the space for luggage.

S-CLASS 2017 ... new cars asia

The Flexible ceiling of 3 layers, comes in black and dark blue dark red, it can be opened and closed the speed of 60 in a time of 20 seconds. It is scheduled to begin the sale of this vehicle in December, will arrive sales halls in the spring 2016 twin-engine, V8 engine 4.7L engines for the issuance of S 500 strongly connected to the horse V8 5.5 liters strongly 576 horse in the issuance of S 63 4Matic capable of acceleration in 3.9 seconds.