Toyota Camri 2015

A Toyota Camri 2015 .. Ascend the summit reaffirmed


for years remained the rules of the game fixed, competition remained tends to any of the poles and sometimes due to the other at other times, but one of them decided to move stagnant water, and puts new rules was not known to the players before, the rules have been renewed oranges and seats apportionments players throughout 38 years, before that controlled the summit for 12 consecutive years.


32 years of the Toyota Camry, Messrs. which is considered one of the icons of cars on this planet, and one of the most selling car in history and the most sold in the United States for 12 years, respectively, with sales exceeded 1 million car this last generation, but the Camry was in need of pumping new blood in the family, the blood can re-drawing of the future new lines.



Where Toyota worked to rebuild the car completely, and the development of a new design does not participate predecessor only in the lines of the ceiling only, down with the vehicle the cloak of sobriety of shrug, faded overcoat another youth more offensive, emerging in each line my determination to the body side retainer, beginning from the network of front ventilation, large in size, which seemed as a disguise monster angry inkjet intends to fire on the way, through the slogan of the leading Toyota upper network, which flows on the side lines of the vineyards and bright unite and insist evoke the attractive design working with LED, personal increase Toyota Camry Complex.

I have always Toyota Camry one of the successful cars on the domestic side, broad and minimalist design distinct ores, quality, which makes your time inside the Camry more fun feel did not leave the home away from home.


In this improved version, obtained the vehicle on the raw materials of the finest quality, more interior spaces, as well as some design modifications in the cabin to resemble more contemporary than the previous one, in addition to the list of new amenities which include the increase of the storage areas inside the pit, access to electricity capacity 12 volt power outlet in Imam, access to usb, with the possibility of requesting the charging system wireless some smart phones.


Perhaps we are accustomed to Camry quiet personality tend to classical, but the new version of the vehicle concerned with fun more than anything, prompting Toyota to promote dynamic leadership in Camri 2015 improving the flexibility of the vehicle in turns, increased coherence of the body, in addition to the modified suspension system to become more interaction with the road.


It was further improvement of the system of power steering of the vehicle to become more responsive in turns, and more stable on the straight lines, with improving the feeling of the driver and the road and the status of the front wheels.


And will continue Camry 2015 supply in the twin-engine, quad-core capacity discs 2.5 liters, and v6 3.5L engine, with an automatic transmission from 6 speeds. It is a system of guaranteed excellent performance, and would give it the capacity to attract more age groups of the vehicle.