A Toyota car 86 2016



A Toyota car 86 2016 … Sports Japanese way

Became professional in Toyota auto industry simple gym with strong performance and ability to pay the limits of force and speed stunning levels, are such as subra utility vehicle AE-86, managed to make full empire of the amendment and marked with Toyota Center of this world.

Because of this empire became hunting quantitative sales family cars since several years, the time has come for some change and the reinvestment of the qualities of old, where Toyota decided to reconsider the Japanese equation sports car cope with four seats and the forces and four-wheel, all in the form of an economic hotel with an appropriate price.

The revival of the iconostasis kourula AE86, Toyota decided to designate its suvs 86, add to the vehicle more impress happy and full of lovers of the classic models of this new style.

Side dimensions, Toyota is 86 more than a sports car quad doors integrated in the world, thanks to the engine Boxer uprising is low, the intelligent design, which makes it an excellent vehicle in the day-to-day use, able to maneuver easily amid the crowds, with retention of their abilities to arenas of speed.

Engine long term has a high highlight the strength of the vehicle, in addition to the headlamps attractive design which includes LED lights day trip, lens large lighting, and the bottom of the fog lamps pie, turn signals, which take a distinguished position on both sides of the front shocking as weapons of preparing for a launch.

It is shocking sports front design sharp lines, the ventilation network front low-rise which increase the fluidity of the vehicle in this position, and even the metal wheels on the sides and the measurement of 17 inch, logo distinctive 86 in front of the doors, as well as the side mirrors and seamless design, which tops the doors seamless design, to access the rear interface.

Wheels of driving came with a sports design is simple, with the slogan of 86 in the center without the slogan of Toyota, as well as the gym of the design makes reading information easy through fast driving. Also comes central console three numerical indicators to read the temperatures and the status of air distribution, with the power button, and the transmission athletes in design and positivism, which encourages you to run.

Toyota Operating 86 hard quad cylinders was developed through joint collaboration between Toyota and Sabaru. Numeral Boxer uprising which offers the status of the Opposite cylinders flat, ensure less waste in the force and best performance in response, especially with Toyota techniques high pressure inside the engine and those who provide what you are looking for him at the side of the performance.