Toyota Corolla car

Toyota Corolla car 2014 … 40 Million success story

Toyota Corolla car 2014 ... 40 Million success story

hour 10 generations, Toyota Corolla to the title of the vehicle bestseller in history, with sales did not preceded by a car before, submitted by 40 million copies of them around the world, accounting for 40 million success story, wandering the world since 1966 to bring happiness to extend a helping hand to millions around the world, the generation of the next generation, even the new 11th generation which may be the most successful at all.


The Toyota Corolla car in each generation of future generations of eleven the philosophy and concepts and new techniques, where the vehicle was keen to maintain its long history and their genes, with switch all what surrounds this template to become more modern and more capacity to meet the needs of the Toyota agents in more than 150 the market around the world sold including Toyota Corolla.


The beginning from the front of the European Union which are available in the kingdom, distinct lamps on both sides of the ventilation network which provide distinct personality you can be monitored from far away, especially with the bulbs four operating the technology which LED illuminates during the day to highlight the Corolla personality, even lines long Chrome fixtures which extends from the headlights to mid-interface where the slogan of prominent Toyota abroad


and the headlamps off design lines less separately to the two sides, where highlights the shoulder line and the above areas good glass which allow the occupants to distinct vision of road in flights, and thus completes the shoulder line way until the rear fascia which seem at first glance, compact, with a large glass lamps, clear provides very good lighting for arrivals from the back.

Toyota Corolla car 2014 ... 40 Million success story

Although this generation of the Corolla is considered the biggest in the dimensions of previous generation, but that the design of the vehicle to make it look like a smaller, a sentiment that once you enter the cabin spacious which benefited fully from the wheel base new and longer vehicle.


It has been the design of this new generation of Toyota Corolla to become less resistant conditioned than usual, featuring the vehicle by a factor of uninterrupted 0.27, which is less than the streamlined laboratories last generation 0.29, which offers more calm inside the pit on highways, and improves the consumption of fuel and vehicle performance in general.


Driving position in Toyota Corolla was re-designed to offer the experience than ever before, beginning from the dashboard of design, which starts the wheel of the Tripartite Command hearty wings in design with the control buttons on the basic functions in an orderly manner, through the instrument panel with the blue light on the edges design and comfortable many, and for the rest of the leadership of the Organization of the tools and design a traditional others which make you right you think you in a car in the highest category of the Corolla.

Toyota Corolla car 2014 ... 40 Million success story