Toyota Hilux 2016


Toyota Hilux 2016 ... The durability of the eighth generation

Toyota Hilux 2016 ... The durability of the eighth generation Toyota Hilux 2016 … The durability of the eighth generation

since the initial launch in 1968, Toyota Hilux tops category, as one of the most successful and more trucks sellers around the world, where exceeded the barrier of the 16 million trucks operating in 180 countries around the world, a stunning, tells you the number of their minds and relied on daily partner in their functions and life.

Because we are fortunate enough, the Abdul Latif Jameel company, Under-Secretary-Toyota in the kingdom, the eighth generation entirely new Hilux locally, the kingdom will be among the first countries that receive this generation before provided in the two continents and the American and European.

New Car comes the personality of the more offensive unit of ever, the beginning of the ventilation network of eminent persons forward poster polished chrome fixtures, Toyota logo that tops the interface, through breakage than large in size which integrate into the center of the design lines to increase the vehicle personality force, even underestimate strong front a prominent design that makes you feel the front of the vehicle and fully secured against difficulties you are experiencing.

The rear fascia classic came to a large extent, by section load large rear includes clear knob to open, lamps and with simple design lead purpose elegantly decorated and extends on both sides of the truck to add more muscle, even underestimate the prominent rear which protects the rear fascia and provides a platform of the rise in the center to make it easier for you to access the rear of the Fund.

It is worth mentioning that the dimensions of the new truck had increased over the previous generation, particularly in the area of safety rear storage which can accommodate more cargo.

The Hilux benefited from the increase in the external dimensions, to provide limited more openness in the forward and back, with seats are carefully designed to provide a new level of comfort and support the bodies of the passengers, all with the possibility of amending the status of these seats, and the provision of 35 United increase in the movement of the legs of passengers in the back (double-style). Also obtained the truck on the windows are larger than the previous one to provide a better view of the road.

In order to reach Toyota New Hilux to traction 3.5 tons or carrying 1240 kg of cargo, adopted the Abdul Latif Jameel company for two options of engines to each of them offers excellent performance and the rate of consumption of economic fuel.